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Million Bright Minds Organisation is an initiative by young people from different regions in Norway, to give young people an arena to build sustainable societies through development work.

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Our mission is to form development projects and give young people an arena to build sustainable communities.

We initiate projects with the locals to co-create long term solutions.

What we do

At Million Bright Minds we believe in young people, and that they hold the answers to the most oppressing global challenges. With their capacity, and will to improve the conditions of the world, we create the opportunities together.

We see that young people can be a resource. We are therefore dedicated to creating a space where they can act, and
contribute to creating a more inclusive Oslo.


We are always on the lookout young for voices of youth that hold a capacity and will to change status quo for the better to join use on the mission of improving societies through development work, and tackle different aspects linked to inclusion and find practical solutions from the roots and up.

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